How to build a Shed with Pallets for Your Garden: DIY Plans

If you are looking for a place to put your garden tools or somewhere to store all the outdoor furniture and toys during winter, then a pallet shed is perfect! It’s super easy to build a shed with pallets that look great.

We all want to have a beautiful garden, and if you are thinking about building a shed for it, the best way is to build one out of pallets. How? It’s easy! Just follow our step by step carefully and enjoy your outdoor space even more with this DIY project.

Can you build a shed with pallets?

Yes, you can build a shed out of pallet wood. Pallets are great for many different projects, and building a shed is one of them!

How many pallets do I need for a shed?

The number of pallets needed to build a pallet shed depends on the size of the shed you want to build. Usually, people will use around six pallets for a small shed and up to 15-20 if you want something bigger, and sometimes even more pallets are needed.

Is it cheaper to buy or build a pallet shed?

The cheapest way to have a pallet shed in your garden is by build one yourself. You can find pallets for free from local businesses, like lumberyards and construction sites, and you just need to purchase nails, screws, or hinges and have some free time.

How long does it take to build a pallet shed?

Building a pallet shed can be done in less than two days if everything is planned correctly. How many hours depends on how big your plans are and what tools you have for construction work.

How to build a wooden shed out of pallets? (Instructions)

A shed is an essential part of your backyard workspace that you should never go without! Whether you need extra storage space outside with roomy shelving, so lawn equipment like rakes and shovels have their own designated spot; a place to store gardening tools such as hoes, spades; handyman items like hammers, nails, etc.

A shed is not only for storing gardening equipment but also an excellent place to grow something you might have never considered before: lettuce!

To make a simple pallet shed first, you will need to:

  • Know the size of the area you wish to cover;
  • Level the ground space with a concrete slab, or an easier alternative is using concrete tiles to make sure the shed has a stable base to sit on;
  • In addition, slats need to be added so that the shed you are about to build will stand on top of it in an easy way;
  • Flooring the legs of the pallet boxes with an even wooden surface gives them more stability;
  • Next, you will need to raise the walls frame around the base floor structure, so you can frame up the wooden crossbeams;
  • Now you can nail down the pallet boards to make the walls!
  • You must have in consideration if you need a window on your shed or not;
  • Finally, you will need to build a door out of the pallets you still have available;
  • You can now paint your pallet shed.

Pallet shed plans

Sometimes it is easier to follow already made pallet shed plans than designing our own. And the best part is that you can find these plans by clicking on the button below.

These plans were designed to be easy and quick for you to follow, so take a look at them now!


Pallet sheds are a great way to store your garden tools, and they look really nice too. Building a shed out of pallets is an easy way to make the most of your outdoor space.

Pallet sheds are a great way to save money and have some creative fun at the same time. They also create an attractive addition to your garden that can be customized in any number of ways, from size and shape to color scheme.

If you’re looking for a new project or just want to avoid expensive shed prices, this may be the perfect solution! The best part is that pallets are easy enough for anyone with basic DIY skills to put together themselves.

You’ll find that it’s cheaper and easier than you would think, so follow our instructions carefully if you want to try this amazing DIY project for yourself!

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